Blackout of '10

Mar 01 2010

These past 4 days are best forgotten.   We had a terrific wind/rain storm on Thursday night the 25th, that turned into a disaster in New Hampshire and New England.   Many very tall, old, large trees were pushed over, creating a lot of property damage.  Brush, tree debris, branches, stuff all over the place.  We are going to be cleaning for the next few months.   So many power lines knocked down, I had no power for 4 long days.  You do not want to have a blackout in the middle of winter, and I've had two long blackouts in the wintertime.

All I want is to get back to normal, clean up and get back to my workbench since I haven't been able to work since Thursday afternoon.    I was afraid my hedgehog wouldn't survive the cold, but heat packs work great in keeping him warm.  All pets are good, heat, light and water are back, and all is good in the world. 

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