Mar 06 2010

Today was like spring!    It's been a wild week and half thanks to the wind storm.  So much tree destruction in NH, I'm still amazed at how big the trees are and how many have fallen over.   Doesn't do much for my state of mind but trying to stay focused on my work which isn't easy, given that I have spring fever to cope with. 

Nancy Tobey and I collabrated on another big piece that we are submitting to a glass bead exhibition.    Nancy wanted to go beyond just stringing her handmade glass beads onto a chain, and I just happened to be knitting a silverplated necklace, so I knitted another tube, so that we could have an "Elizabethan" ruff collar.   I took all of Nancy's beads and attached, sewn, and tied the beads into the knitted necklace.   It's an outrageous, over the top collar that Queen Elizabeth the First would have loved to wear.  It's the most dramatic necklace I've ever made, and Nancy was in high heaven when she saw it.  We both didn't quite know how we would do it, but I figured out how to attached the beads onto the knitted surface.

I'm starting to wonder if I have a future in the costume industry, since my work is taking on a larger scale, more costumey look.     I don't quite know how my ideas evolve and sometimes I have to ride it out thru experimenting.  Some ideas work out, some don't but at least I try.   Now, I'm going to try making a large, or tall purse.   I'm not big on purses, but it may be fun to try it.   My ideas don't always follow a straight path, and it's bits and pieces that I follow thru.   At times, I have a clear image of what I want, and other times, I don't, and have to fall back on trying it out and see how it look.

I have a quote - "Creating art is an act of destruction before creation."   My metalwork often go thru hell and fire before it becomes beautiful.

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