Spring fever and ladles

Mar 19 2010

Technically, it is still winter, but this week has been like late April/May.   Beautifull, in the 60's all week, windows open for fresh air, who can resist being outdoor?    It is a little odd to have such nice weather in March, but Febrary and March has more than their usual sunny, spring like days this year.  It helped a lot with the winter blahs.

As for work, I'm doing my own spring cleaning with my odds and ends.  I had a lot of odd bits, pieces, stuff here and there, so I'm been trying to make jewelry or flatware.   Take ladles for example.   I very rarely make ladles - not sure why, maybe a spoon I don't use much.   My first ladle was a heavy forged copper ladle that I spent much time handsawing it out of 1/4" thick copper sheet, and spending years forging it.   To be honest, I don't recall the amount of time I spent on it - I've blocked out quite a bit of my RISD undergrad years.    It is finished with the forging, but I still have to clean it up and make it look good.

I have made a few garden-theme ladles of brass and copper that I've sold and 2 smaller gravy ladles.   This ladle in the picture above, is from a handle I forged in grad school, but the spoon bowl was an old copper bowl.   I have picked up a number of old copper small bowls and small dishs from the 50's to 70's that were originally made for enamelling, but never quite got there, so I've been reusing them into spoons, and one water fountain.   I liked the way the copper ladle came out, so I may do more.   I'm going to make an effort to make a few more ladles this year, since I did make the brass bowls for large ladles.  It's getting the handles on is the hard part.

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