New take on an oldie design

Mar 27 2010

I've done many things in jewelrymaking and metalsmithing, so I don't always do the same thing every year.   Back in the mid to late 90's, I used to make a chain link that looks like two cotter pins that slided together, making a dog bone-like link.    I had completely forgotten about it and then back in February, I was demostrating to a class on how to make chains, and I recollected this particular chain link.  This time, I wanted to do a different twist, balling up the ends of the wire and then making them asymetrical so as they slided together, they created a new look.   I liked them so much I made a plain chain necklace and bracelet.

I also wanted to add stones, but not necessary a pendant, so by using unusual shaped black onyx and frosted quartz beads, it gave the chain linkage an elegance.   Wirewrapped links with beads has been around for a long time.  I used to make many chains made from wirewrapped beads links, and burned out on them 20 years ago.    This time, rather than just wrapping the wire around the beads, I thought if I can ball up the ends of wire that wraps bead, it would add an extra dimension.   I love the new chains I made, esp. the black onyx chain.    It does pay to dust off an old idea and make it a little different for a fresher look.    It's more time consuming to make these links so I'll have to work out a way to make it more productive for me.   Maybe have the links casted so I can make more of those chains and do more variations.

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