Happy Birthday, Cal!

Apr 19 2010

Today is Cal Jr's birthday.  He is 1 year old and officially a "man" hedgehog.   I've been his mom for the past 10 months and have enjoyed my time with him.    Of course, my dog does not care for him, but that's ok, I have enough love for both of them.

On my artwork, I've been doing lampworking glass beads, and making a lot of large, long beads with one hole, so that I can put them on my nail hedgie bird sculptures.  I also made a lot of glass beads permanently fused onto steel wire that I weld directly onto the birds.   Matching the glass color is the hard part, but I'm excited at this new direction, melding glass and metal together in a non-jewelry format.   I'll post a pic when I get done.

I'm off to Snow Farm in a few days and can't wait to start.  I teach at Snow Farm 3 times in one month, which is a lot for me, but it's a wonderful working vacation.


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