Greetings from Snow Farm

May 10 2010

I've been at Snow Farm twice in less than a month, and going back in a few days to teach my 3rd workshop.   Here are pics of my students' work that they did in my Jewelry/Metalsmithing weeklong class.   8 students and they all did great work, even thru they were a very lively lot.   All I have to do is give some basic technical info, get them to learn to solder and then turn them loose and boy, do they produce!   Lots of great work, incorporating forging, hammering, wireworking, stone-setting ( which seems to be the favorite) and more.   Next class is Lo Tech Jewelry, which is learning to make jewelry using low tech techniques that doesn't require a lot of tools or equipment.  

While I was at Snow Farm, I was able to make many glass balls on iron wires, that I will use to make more hedgie birds.   The irony is that I have so much trouble making round beads or rondells on mandrels, and I can make them so much easier  when I'm making the beads right onto the iron wire, which is premanently fused on.  Now I don't want to make focal beads, just balls on wires for the birds.   I'm finding it's harder to get back to my jewelry when I want to just keep making glass and weld.   Sometimes it's hard to switch gears and go from one medium to another, because it's different tools, different materials so I have to mentally adjust.  Some days it's easy, other days not so easy.  If you were wondering, I weld my work right on my soldering bench, but I have to clear away the jewelry tools/bricks, and pull out the welding bricks, and not mix the iron wires with my silver solder.  Keep an eye out for my next batch of birds, hopefully by end of this month, when I'm home long enough to work!

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