Farewell, Brookfield Craft Center

May 12 2010

Yesterday, I received sad news that a favorite craft school, Brookfield Craft Center in CT, closed their doors.   They were a premier crafts educational institution in Brookfield, CT, along the Still River ( which is the only river in North America that flows north), since 1954.    Brookfield Craft Center or BCC as it was nicknamed, has a lot of fond memories for me,  since I was teaching there since '98.    I'm really going to miss all the wonderful people I met there, teaching or meeting, so BCC will leave a big hole in my heart.     The recession is proving to be pretty lethal now, and it's very bad in NH this year.    I just hope everyone else can hang in there and survive this year.   I hate to see any more schools or institutions shutting down.  Even Worcester Center for Crafts in MA closed but then reopened as a glass studio after a local community college took over.

Farewell, Brookfield, I'm going to really miss you and all the adventures I have there.

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