Crazy May....

May 25 2010

May has turned out to be one of my most hectic months I can recall.  I pretty much spent two and half weeks traveling, teaching at Snow Farm twice and at Harwood Union High School in VT.   I'm guest artist at two high schools, so the VT high school was one of them.   

 Here are some pics of Snow Farm.  The massive pine trees is the most ancient part of the campus, considering the farm started in 1750, and one of my favorite spots.   The yellow flowers on tree were quite stunning, inspiring the lampworking students and teacher, who is one of the funniest people I've ever met, a delightful Liliana Glenn of Natick, MA.   She's a superb lampworker and can tell the most interesting stories of growing up in Moldova, going to college in Moscow and much more.  I've glad to have met her.

The last pic shows the main road showing the metals studio on the right and the lampworking/fused glass studio on the left.  I've spent so much time in those studios, they are my homes away from home.  This year, Pat Bennett who is supply coordinator and Ms. Fix-it and I were able to spiff up the metals studio, putting new working surfaces, so it's more of a pleasure to be working.   I can't wait to get a new 4 person stations long soldering bench, and we'll really be in business.

Now, I'm not quite sure what to do next, but get myself into gear for Sunapee.   I've got most of my welded steel bird, who ended up being 5'7 long together for the Sculpture Garden exhibit.  I just need to put the legs on or poor bird won't be able to stand.     Guess I'm taking a few much needed days of rest and then I'll be working non-stop.   Now, where are my tools..................


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