Washers Overload.....

Jun 05 2010

Like every good New Englander, I have all kinds of weird stuff hiding or lurking in the shadows of my studio.   I had a box of copper washers I had for years, and thought it could be a funky compoment for neckchains.  Well, I finally got around to looking at my copper washers and along with a bunch of old brass watch gears and oversize brass rings, I sort of threw them together, soldered them into a series of cuff bracelets.   The result are funky, freeform, somewhat industrial bracelets that have a mind of their own.  Most of the washers have been altered by hammering or texturing, and stacked on top of each other in random patterns.    I like how they came out.    Sometimes you have to go in with an open mind with assorted odds and ends, and play with them till you find something you like.  Then you solder or attach them together so it becomes a functional piece of jewelry or accessory.    

Some designs I think about for years, some I have to work at, some comes to me immediately, and others are a result of accidents - something went wrong and it became a new design.  As the old saying go, make lemonade out of lemons.   It's so true for that is how so many interesting designs come alive.

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