A jungle of ferns

Jun 17 2010

I'm feeling like I live in the Pacific Northwest instead of New England.  We've had so much rain, it's been a virtual explosion of greenery everywhere.   The ferns are overtaking my land, and lots of new trees are taking root.    I don't have ferns, I have shrubs of ferns - it's so thick as you can see from the pictures.   I have massive granite boulders lining my driveway and back wall, and you can see how large the ferns, weeds and greenery has taken over the rocks. Vast, cool, dark forests surrounds me whatever I drive, usually on back roads.   I've been nicknamed the Queen of Back Roads since I know so many of them, but there are stunning wild natural beauty to be found.    I love the little winding streams that are frequently along the roads, and discovered a new stream in Goffstown as I was cutting thru another back road.    It is really green these days and even the light has a greenish tinge to it.   I may be a city slicker but I really do love the forests, esp. driving thru them.  I feel protected with the trees towering over me as I drive. 

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