Good ideas = not so great attempt but a successful result

Jul 27 2010

I have these ideas and images in my mind, often for a few years.  Sometimes I have to wait till my technical skills catch up with my ideas.   There are times I bite off more than I can do.   I had this vivid image of a woven pod rising above many forged wires that are welded together into a solid handle for at least 2 years.   I finally got around to trying out my idea, and in the picture on left is my first attempt, made of iron and mild steel.  The woven pod tip and the upper end of handle where the forged wires cup the pod is good, but the welding on the lower part is not so good.   I tried brazing the second handle with disastrous results.      

     It was time to got back to the drawing board and simplfy.   The second set of salad servers came out much better.   This time I used brass wire and brazed 9 pieces of 12g. wire into one solid handle, and left the pod tip unwoven.   I finished off the set with sterling casted bowls, a trademark design of  mine that is particularly suited to my style.   Even the title changed as well.   This set is called Sceptres and will be on display at the Living wtih Crafts Exhibition at the Annual Craftsmen's Fair, which opens on Aug 7.   I can only hope I'm prepared by then!

I do have a habit of creating really complicated designs and then I have to streamline it, distill to the purest form and still express my ideas.   That is the key - simplfy, keep it clean and not cluttered.

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