Viva La Vegas.............

Oct 29 2010

Recently I went to Las Vegas for the first time.   Let just say it's a eye-blowing visual feast.   I hadn't been to Vegas before and have been told I must go for once.  It was fun to see all the neon - Vegas is better at night with all those neon lights dancing everywhere.  By day, Vegas is curiously monotone in it's earthtone colors and lots of whites, beige, terra, browns and beiges.   It was fairly easy to drive around the city but the Strip is the slowest to drive thru.   The lower part of the Strip is all those grand, newer casinos like the Bellagio, while the upper part is the older, more original ( and tackier) casinos, more wedding chapels than I can count and the most video stores of any city I've seen.   I didn't gamble but it was fun to see the casinos.

I've always wanted to see the Hoover Dam and I did and it's stunning, and beautiful in it's Art Deco grandeur.   They had just opened the Hoover Dam Bridge which soars over the dam, and I got a chance to drive over it twice.   I did see the western part of the Grand Canyon which is on an Indian reservation, so it's not all tricked out.  You can literally walk right up to the edge of the canyon and look down 4000 ft.  I actually ended up eating dinner perched on the edge of the canyon.  No fences anywere - you exercise due caution and hope you don't fall over the edge!

I discovered a boneyard of the old, often original neon signs and watched a little crane move a Wedding Chapel sign so I guess that's where the old neon signs go upon retirement.    I stayed on Fremont Street and it had the dazzling overhead movie screen which is the largest in the world, and watched zipliners zip across.   Last but not least, here's a sign I enjoyed - "Emergency Arts".  Even the building had a neon Medical Facility sign.

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