Meet my supervisor, Bosco

Nov 07 2010

My dog, Bosco, likes to get on my lap and then hop onto my desk. For some reason, he likes to walk around my desk and poke his nose into everything.   Not very often, but at least once weekly.    I've had Bosco for about 2 years, having found him at Salem Animal Rescue League ( Salem, NH).   He's the perfect dog, on the smallish size but big enough so you know he's there.   I love telling people what he is, a chihuahua/dachshund/Yorkie mix - the baffled expressions I get is fun to watch.  Bosco is clearly half long-hair dachshund with chihuahua ears and hind legs, all in a smoky dark chocolate shade.   His hair is like soft silk - he's hard to keep your hands off him.   He is very protective of me but once you get to know him, he's playful.   He is a serious dog, an old soul with those big worried brown eyes of his constantly watching.  When he runs, it's like watching a racehorse, the way he just gallops, and soars like a bunny over obstacles.  

An update on Hercules, the little Maltese I rescued from Philly, he is no longer with me.  Hercules and Bosco weren't working out, and it was clear Bosco was happier as a solo dog, so I found a new forever home for Hercules with one of my students.  

To my protective supervisor, Bosco, here's looking at you, kiddo!  In fact, he was in a photo for a doggy farm ad, looking so serious and proper.   If you are in NH, and need a place to board your dog, I highly recommend Toad Hill Farm in New Boston, NH, for your dog will get the run of the house/backyard, and sleep with the family in a true family home situation.   Bosco enjoys his stays there.

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