New tools - a tool orgy

Nov 25 2010

A week ago, I went to a lady's house to see jewelry tools that her father had.  It was an estate sale.    Apparently he was a jewelry teacher back in the 1950's to 70's.    I found many tools that are very hard to find, many hammers, some silversmithing stakes, enamels from the 50's and 60's, pewter sheets and disks, some that were found wrapped up in newspapers dating 1962 and 1963, and copper.   I was so excited for I found hard to find tools and supplies.    It took a few days but I was able to clean off the rust on the hammers, and refinished most of the hammers.  There were a few hammers I had no clue what they were for and had to contact other fellow silversmiths to find out what they were.  The oddly angled hammers are for boxmaking.   That's good to know!

I even found notes, and a note with a very familiar name ( an old friend's name) so I will have to find out if it is the same person.   You just never know what you will find.   You can find gems in the dustiest of basements or wood sheds.    I was one happy lady to have all those tools.   I love tools, and get more excited in a hardware store than a department stores.  Only shoes can get me more excited.   Shoes and tools are my favorites.

In the meantime, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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