Wrapping up the year

Dec 15 2010

I finally wrapped up the last fair of the year, and no more fairs till either May or August 2011.    This year has been an interesting year, with everything out of order or not what they used to be.  It's an "anything goes" time these days.   What used to be popular isn't anymore.   No real trend in term of what is sought after, so I have no idea what to proceed next.   As now, I'm clearing the decks, and starting over with new work after Jan 1, with an empathis on one of a kind exhibition work which I will need a collection of, for a few upcoming exhbitions.

The pendant above on right is the sixth piece in the Flames series, called Fiery Flames.   Every year, I try to make one or two pieces that has silver/gold flames in a pod-like shape.  I love working with fire, esp. with torches.   I do tend to do work that relies heavily on fire - welding, lampworking, soldering - you get the idea, so I do pay homage to fire.   As one of the basic elements - air, earth, fire and water, fire is crucial to providing heat for us, and yet we've controlled fire to make it work for us.    Anyway, back to the Fiery Flames pendant, it is sterling,18kt and 3 sapphires to provide a little sparkle.

I also found a green turquoise that has brass veins running thru it, that just happens to fit a brooch perfectly, so I remade the Shield brooch into a pendant with the turquoise on the bottom.  Occasionally I'll find I need to tweak a piece of jewelry.  Other times, a stone will find it's way  to me and find a new home on a piece of jewelry.    Apparently the turquoise and the brooch were meant to be together, so it is called Green Gold.   Both Fiery Flames and Green Gold are at the Currier Museum Faculty show, till March 7, 2011.

I didn't plan to go to CraftBoston, a high-end craft fair, but won free tickets to CraftBoston, so off I went.  It was nice to see my craft friends, and I found this lovely little paper and wire shell that was made by Jessica Beels.  She's a paper artist that she covers wire armatures with wet paper and as it dries, it becomes a taut skin that reminds me of parchment or leather.   The little couch shell looks like a hedgehog, so of course, I had to have it.    I have quite this hedgehog collection that people keep giving me, like mini hedgehog statutes, sculptures, toys ( which my dog takes off with), so it's quite comical.   God know how much I adore hedgehogs, and usually have a pet hedgehog around.   I just realized my Fiery Fire pendant does have a hedgehog shape.  Subconciously, I make my work with hedgehog shapes or spiky "quills", so I'm not always aware of how much hedgehogs influence me.  It's a good addiction to have.

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