School starts......

Jan 19 2011

Well, it's time for school to start this year.   Tomorrow, I start up my new classes at Metalwerx, and next week, start my wire class at the Currier Museum Art Center.    Already, I have a workshop running this weekend at the new Nashua League of NH Craftsmen Gallery, so looks like this year I'll be busy teaching.   I already have a full teaching schedule all the way thru Sept, and only have a few openings for scheduling new workshops for the rest of the year.   Phew, makes me weary thinking about it right now.   It's good for teaching has it's good moments.   Sometimes it's the commute that wears me down. 

 I've been enjoying not working much this month.  January is my time to take time off from my bench and do other things like sewing and I've read probably 20 books in the past month and half.   I keep my local library busy with my book requests, but that's what the library is for, to keep you busy with reading and other resources.

Here's another picture of Cal, my hedgehog.   He requires monthly baths, so here's him trying to climb out of his bath.   Enjoy him!

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