Mar 05 2011

Last year in Vegas, I read about a new credit card processing device, called "Square" by www.squareup.com.   It's this little plastic square that you plug in on your smartphone or iPad, and you can swipe cards and process transactions right on your smartphone.   I thought it was cool, but didn't have a smartphone, so I couldn't take advantage of it.  Well, my mom gave me a smartphone for Christmas, and it's one of the best things I have - I just love my phone.   I don't make calls, but am always online checking things.  

In business, you always have to find ways to work more efficiently and more frugally.   I wanted to ditch my merchant program ( which allows me to process credit cards) since the monthly fees went up drastically, and I was only using it 3 months out of the year.     Well, during a meeting, I was reminded about the Square back in January. 

Of course, I immediately signed up for it, got my little Square card reader, downloaded the app, all free, and Square only takes 2.75% per transaction, or 3.5% for a manually keyed in transaction.  No monthly fees, no hassles, and it takes every card known on Earth.   I was very happy to cancel my costly merchant program and only be charged for each transaction, rather than monthly fees.    It's great to have if you have a mobile business.   I highly recommended it!  Works on all smartphones, either Android-based or Apple-based, and on the iPad.  Now, my wish list is an iPad or something similar.


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