Pearly Moon bracelet

Mar 25 2011

I've made a new batch of work for the All About Art at Moss Rehab, an exhibition I do every year, that is held in Elkin Park, Penn  every April to June.    I made some bracelets that were knitted from fine silver or Agentium sterling, and accented with stones.  The larger bracelet is a druzy quartz with a metallic coating to give it's otherworldly glow, and the smaller bracelet has a round ruby set in the center.  

As for everything else, spring is here!   I really was in the doldrums during the long gray winter days, with the weekly snowstorms in Jan/Feb and a few smaller storms in March.  Now that the snow is melting, I'm feeling perkier.   Trying to think of new things to make.   Finally found Wolf Myrow in Providence, a huge warehouse of old/vintage jewelry parts, chains, real and fake gems, and everything else.    Managed to make 2 trips this year, and still want to go back.  So much to look at, decisions, decisions, ahh..... truly overwhelming.

Forrest Gump the new hedgehog is settling in.  He's a biter, that's for sure, but he's a handsome boy.  Makes me work for his affection, but he's my baby.   I've already taken him to my jewelry classes.   I always bring my hedgehog to jewelry classes, so my students can meet Cal or Gump.     I did get to visit a hedgehog breeder in Hubbardston, MA  -, and I had fun holding all of her hedgies and dwarf rats.  The baby hedgehogs were the size of a hen's egg and too cute for words.

Did visit CraftBoston today and there was a lot of extraordinary beautiful crafts, jewelry and clothing.   Well worth a visit.  Running from 3/25 to 3/27.

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