Lollypop Daddy and teaching.....

May 13 2011

May is already an exhausting month.   After a very long time with very few classes running per week, I have 4 classes at two schools running per week, so that keeps me on the go.   I took on a new job teaching metalsmithing at Lexington Art and Craft Society in Mass. so it's going well.  Of course, it'll take me about a half a year to memorize the studio and the tool cabinets, but it's going really well.   Sharon Art Center finally had some jewelry classes running, so that's good.  It seems like the economy is still lousy, but people are more willing to spend on education and take workshops or classes, so that's good for me.     I spent a week and half at my favorite place, Snow Farm so I got my working vacation.    While I was there, I got some lampworking done, got a few of the lampworking students hooked on my beads on wire technique so who knows where that will lead.   I made Lollypop Daddy, a big bird with many beads on his "feathers" and tail.  A good friend  of mine won him at the Snow Farm auction that we have every week long workshop.

As for the hedgehogs, Forrest Gump is slowly coming out of his shell and his personality is coming thru.  He's a biter - loves to chomp down on my fingers or on fabric, so I've learned to keep a big wad of fabric between his mouth and my hand.   He's fiesty, and he likes to explore, so now that the days are getting warmer, I can take him and Cal outside on the lawn and let them explore, under close supervision.

One last thing, I was featured artist of the month for Parawire newsletter for May, so I'm thrilled!

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