Multi-colored Viking knit chains

Jun 16 2011

I've had a brutal teaching schedule in the past month and half, which entailed the most commuting I've had to do in years.   CT twice, Snow Farm Craft program, and 3 weekly classes that were a long commute each day, so I'm pretty much "commuting" out.    People think teaching is easy, but throw in long commutes, being stuck in a car for hours, lugging heavy tools and supplies, much prepping, and you get a very weary teacher.     Now, I have to do my best to try to get some work done for the Sunapee fair, which I hope I have enough time to get some exhibition work done in time.  I only have a month left to make about 12 exhibition pieces for CraftWear, Living with Craft and an upcoming exhibition at the League of NH Craftsmen Gallery.

Right now, I'm on a Viking knit spree.    I saw this 7 color Viking knit bracelet on Etsy, and you could buy a tutorial to do the 7 colors knit.   Me, having an engineering mind, thought, it'll be fun to figure out how to do multiple colors.  First, I started off with 3 colors, as you can see in picture, I have black/green/silver, black/gunmetal/silver, silver/gold/peridot green, dark brown/light blue/silver.   Yesterday, I thought I would try to do 7 colors, but ended up with 8 colors, in various pinks, reds, purples, orange and brown.    A curious thing happens when you work with multiple colors in a single stitch row, is that you get this continous spiral of color.  A double stitch row will give more of a herringbone look.     It's fascinating how the patterns and colors develop as you work on the Viking knit.

I have quite a few students completely hooked on knitting wire, and every week, I see a new color pattern or variation as my students get done with one pattern, and then start a new one.   I can see I'll be teaching knitting techniques for years to come.  At least knitting wire is portable, I can do it anywhere, does not require much tools, just a pair of pliers, wire cutters, a spool of wire and a dowel.   I'm known for having tools in my bag at any given time - tools of my trade.

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Renee Zirbel wrote on October 27,2011
I just learnt how to do viking knit. Im hooked! I wouuld also like to know how to do it with multiple colors. Do you have a link for me or a tutorial? Thank you, Renee

Barbara Carow wrote on June 20,2011
Joy! Why did I never think of combining different colored wires in a Viking knit chain? It's a whole new ball game! Now that I think about it - how do you do that?