25th HS reunion and lapidary

Jul 18 2011

I had my 25th High School Reunion last weekend.  It was interesting to see how much we've changed or not changed since we all left 25 years ago.   I've only seen a few of my classmates.  We are all definitely a lot older, grayer, more chunky, but we still know each other.   My classmates are not surprised I still have lots of pets and all admired my jewelry.   I guess I'm not as sentimental as a lot of people are, and I was more curious ,   Carina brought her lacy satin pink prom dress - that poor dress isn't going to hold up for the 50th reunion!

On the other hand, right after my reunion, I took a lapidary workshop that I signed up last year.  It was really nice to be able to cut my own cabs, shape them the way I liked them, and the whole process was a lot easier than I though it would be.  Michael Boyd was a good teacher and a superstar in gems on top of gems jewelry.    Very funny in his own quirky way.   I can relate to him on several things.    It was great to be able to salvage some of my broken cabs, recut some lousy-cut cabs into better shapes.   I had a lot of odds and ends, and quite a bit of whitish, quartz-like rocks that I was able to saw and lap into decent cabs.    A friend of mine gave me a big chunk of labradorite which I wasn't sure what to do with it, so I sawn it into slabs and grinded them into cabs.     One of them turned out to look like the State of New Hampshire, and that was purely by accident.

I do like lapidary, and love the fact I can tweak my stones to the way I liked them.    Someday I'll invest in the equipment I need, but for now, I can use various schools' equipments till I'm ready to get my own.     You'll be seeing my cabs, all set at the Annual Craftsmen Fair, which opens Aug 6.

One last thing - I've gotten a nice color pattern going on with my 8 color Viking knit.   Final piece will be a necklace with an oxided sterling clasp.     It was nice to know it was possible to do 8 colors on Viking knit.


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