Sunapee and Snow Farm

Jul 28 2011

Once again, it's the time of the year - the Annual Craftsmen Fair, or as we craftspeople like to call it, the Sunapee fair.   In a week and half, it will open.   Am I ready?  NO!   I am at half of my normal stock, so I'll have to take stock back from some galleries since I've taught so much ths year, I am unable to work at my normal pace.    I've never had to teach so much, so intensely since back in the mid 2000's when I was younger, had more energy and was like the Energizer Bunny.   Well, now that I am older, wiser and not inclined to stay up so late anymore.    Althought I was up till 5am the other day, completely wired and unable to sleep thanks to pre-Sunapee jitters.   It happens to all of us Sunapee exhibitors.

Here is a sneak preview of some of my work in the Living with Crafts Exhibition and CraftWear Exhibition.    I was thinking, ughh, just how many salad servers can I make, year after year, for Living with Crafts ( or LWC as we call it), and I just couldn't get any good ideas going.     I was thinking, I've never see a metalsmith make bartending tools, and that cocktails have been popular for a few years, why not try making bartending tools?   Of course, I had to do some research and look at commercial tools to get the dimensions right, but loo and behold, I made my first bartending tools.   Here's the list - 1 oz and 2 oz Jigger, Leaf Strainer, Leaf ice tongs, Slightly Tipsy Muddler, Long Stirring Spoon which does double duty of stirring, and olive spears.

 As for CraftWear exhibition, I have my GreenGold pendant, and a new necklace that actually was inspired by my Overlap rings and a pair of cuff links I made for a custom job.   It is called Dancing Dots.   The last piece is a purse, not quite done, but it's my first all metal purse and a sculpture in it's own right.  I'll post a pic once it is done.

I hope you come visit me in my booth, Tent 4, booth 409 during the Sunapee fair, which runs Aug 6 to 14, at the Mt. Sunapee Resort, Newbury, NH

Well, I'm off to teach at Snow Farm this weekend, teaching stonesetting and hanging out with my pals, esp. Dave Zaltsberg, a stained glass master who positively dotes on my beloved Cal, the hedgehog.  Wonder how many funny stories and jokes I'll hear this weekend.  My favorites are " Whatever happens at Snow Farm, stays at Snow Farm" and "Whatever stirs your pot"   ;-)



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