Sunapee Fair 2011

Aug 21 2011

I survived yet another Sunapee fair, and this year was quite extraordinary in the usual sense.    When the stock market plunged in early August and the US government debt, I thought, great, we are all going to crash and burn.  Nobody will buy, and I was mentally preparing for a crappy fair.   Well, it was my 2nd best fair of all times and very close to my best fair which was back in 2007.   I was so relieved.    It seem like people were hungry for new work, and I had a lot of all metal jewelry.   I tried to go back to my less is more, cleaner architectural style, and I think my customers appreciated it.

I also gave myself an assignment - 1 piece of wire, 1 pair of earrings.   One solder joint or one connection, or no connection.   I had quite a variety of earring designs, all with just one piece of wire, bent, shaped and hammered.    I sold out on half of my stock, so I had to make more work in the evenings, so I was very glad to have a successful fair.   Some of my most expensive work sold, so it was great!

This year is also special, for it is my 25th year as a juried craftsperson with the League of NH Craftsmen, a milestone in my career.   I was at the tender age of 19, 3 days shy of my high school graduation when I went for the state jury for the League.   I had been making jewely barely 2 years when I got accepted, and to this day, I'm still known as one of the youngest members to get juried in.  There was a 14 year old and a 17 year old who got accepted, but I was pretty darn young!   I'm not even 50 and I'm an old-timer with the League.   

Here's a pic of my booth, and a view of the mountain from my peaceful little corner in Tent 4.   I love my booth spot and usually request it year after year.

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