End of Snow Farm 2011 season

Oct 23 2011

As I type this, I am reflecting on the end of the 2011 season at Snow Farm Craft Program.  This week is the last class held for 2011, so it is bittersweet for it is the end of one year.  Next year will be a new year, a new beginning.  The Metals studio is getting a sink with hot and cold water, which I can't wait.   For so long, I've had to use an old-fashioned water pump outside of Metals Studio, so it will be a pleasure to have an actual sink.  It's the simple things that I appreciate the most.

The picture of this surreal glimpse of the universe is a pot melt.  A pot melt is when you take an unglazed ceramic flower pot, pile in broken bits of glass that is all the same melting type, put in kiln for about 15-22 hours, and the glass will melt, flow through the center hold of pot, and puddle on a kiln shelf.   None two are alike, and every pot melt is different.  It arose as a way to use up bits and pieces of glass left over from fused glass, but taken on a life of it's own.   Anyways, this piece of pot melt was found in the scrap bin so I "liberated" it.  I just fell in love with this particular piece, so I want to frame it and hang it from my wall, so I can look at it.   It looks like a supernova glowing in deep space.  

I am fascinated by deep space, and as you guess it, love to watch deep space shows and movies.    This pot melt has me in thrall, at the complexity of patterns and colors.    I'm not a fan of fused glass, having set one too many pieces of fused glass, but if I do take a fused glass workshop, it is strictly to make pot melts.  I could be happy making a bunch of them and seeing what happens.  I'm big on "what if" and randomness.

Well, enjoying my last week at Snow Farm, with my trusty hedgehogs keeping me company.

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