Holiday RISD sale

Dec 02 2011

        I haven't been very inspired this fall, so I don't find I have much to blog about these days.   However, it is now December and 2011 is almost over.    I've run myself ragged trying to be everywhere, to accommodate all my classes and workshops.   I'm just glad I am left with one fair, and two workshops to finish and I'm done for the year.  

Weather wise, it has been a fascinating few weeks.   I came home just a few hours before the historic October blizzard that slammed the entire East Coast, from my weeklong Snow Farm workshop.  It actually snowed at Snow Farm and it was bizarre.  First time I seen snow at Snow Farm, for I usually come in April, and finish up at end of October.   We ( participants and instuctors) all left really fast on Sat the 29th morning to beat the storm.   14" in my neck of woods.   In fact, the towns I drove through like Fitzwillian, Troy, Richmond, NH, all got the most snow - 23 to 25".   I've never seen a white Halloween in my 40 odd years.    In fact, nobody can remember a white Halloween. 

Well, I'm off to do the RISD holiday alumni sale on Sat the 3rd, so I hope it is a good one.  Car packed, ready to roll, as we like to say.

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Barbara Carow wrote on December 4,2011
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday at Metalwerx. I'm excited about learning more about soumak. It sounds like you are ready for some down time in January!