Last blog of the year...........

Dec 31 2011

This is my last blog for this year, 2011 so it is time for farewell to a very interesting and challenging year.  I'll be glad to start a new year, in 8 hours or so.    Last night, my mom and I went to see Recycled Percussion, a local band from Goffstown ( next town over) that made it big.   Recycled Percussion is a hoot - they use tools, buckets, everything from a hardware store in their gig, drumming at anything they can drum a beat.   Justin, who is the founder and main star is a very creative comedian and the fastest drummer known.   They are the only non-singing band in Vegas, which makes them unique.  It's so nice to see local boys become internationally known.   If you ever get a chance, go see a performation.    My mother was lucky - she got picked to go on stage and participate, as you can see in the pics.   As a toolhead, I do wince when power tools get flung around as the band does - wonder what the life expectancy of each tool is?    Since they are local boys made famous, they do make sure to do several performances at the Palace Theater in Manchester, and being a small theater, the boys get very close with the audience, so it gets very interactive.     You can even meet them after the show is over.     I saw them last year and so I try to see them every year now.   I'm not much into bands or music, but Recycled Percussion is not your average band.   I prefer off-beat venues.

It's been nice to just take it easy, do lots of reading and hanging out with my hedgehogs and Bosco, catch up on my sewing, watch movies and sleeping late.  Day after New Year's, I go back into the teaching harness and get ready for the winter session.    I'm heading back to Brookfield Craft Center and to Snow Farm, where another full class greets me.      I hope 2012 will be a better and more creative year.   I was run ragged all year teaching so I wasn't as creative as I usually am, so I'll have to try a different tack and see how I can push the evelope.   I do want to make some more metal purses, and make more 3-dimensional chain necklaces.    

Anyways, enough rambling and everyone, have a wonderful New Year's!  

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