Farewell, Cal

May 16 2012

My dear sweet Cal the hedgehog passed away on Monday night.   He was ill for awhile so it was a matter of time, but it still hurts when he slipped away into the evening.   Cal first came to my life as an 8 week old boy, a little shiny from healing tissues.   His hedgehog mother mauled him when he was a few days old, so he was left with a tattered ear, a small part of his foot gone and lots of scarring on his back.   His breeder gave Cal to me for she felt she couldn't sell him.    Cal was the best hedgehog I ever had - so sweet, so social, and just a perfect representative for hedgehogs.    He was a well-travelled boy, coming to all of my classes so many of my student met him, and he's visited quite a few places.   Cal tends to represent me and was my Facebook profile picture, which I will leave it for a while in his honor.    The images on the right and middle are when he first came home, still a baby.  The picture on the left is the last one I took, day before he passed on.

Farewell Cal, you will be very fondly remembered.

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