Countdown to Sunapee

Jul 11 2012

I've been home barely a week from my California trip and it was a good trip.   I've never been to the farm belt part of CA, and stayed in Gilroy ( otherwise known as the garlic capital of US) with my delightful hostess, Grace Santos of Graceful Customs lampwork studio.  I taught hinges and clasps one day and tube/flush setting the next day, and then some private lessons.   One of my students took me on a tour, and Grace took me over to Monterey which is a lovely seacoastal town - touristy, but nice.  Got to see the harbor seals and the pelicans are bigger than I recall.    The weather was just beautiful, cool, dry, lots of breezes - I was lucky to be in CA when the heat wave hit the Midwest and East.  The timing was perfect for I really hate hot humid weather, and CA was blissfully dry.   The evenings were cold.   The strawberries were so good - there's a reason why so much of our produce comes from CA for they are just plain good!   Frank, who was Grace's husband, reminded me so much of my quirky grandfather, complete with a great machine shop loaded with lots of old machinery, and he taught me how to tig-weld, which I wanted to learn.   Someday, I'll get my own tig welder.

Anyways, now that I'm back home, I had to start 3 new classes this week, and 3 weeks left before Sunapee begins.   I hope I can get my CraftWear and Living with Craft exhibit pieces ready in two weeks.  A hanging lamp, a double candleholder, maybe a small lamp, a purse, boleo jacket with skirt are my exhibit pieces.   Stretching my creative muscles and trying new things, otherwise, I'm bored.  Just couldn't face doing yet another set of salad servers for Living with Crafts.

Anyways, my bench is calling so I'll wrap up for now.   I took this shot of Terminal B at the Las Vegas airport for it is so 60's, it screams Mad Men.   Two box clasps made by two of my students, one who had never done any jewelry or soldering before, so that was impressive.   Last, my Bosco, who just loves to lay about in my chairs.

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