Day 4 of the Sunapee Fair

Aug 07 2012

I sat down to write this blog on Monday night the 6th, and fell asleep in my chair.   The Sunapee fair will do that to you - wear you out completely.   Anyways, I have a new hedgehog - meet Spike.  He belonged to one of my Monday night students, and she said, if I want him, he's mine, so she bought him in, and now Spike has a new home with me.   He will require much socializing for he wasn't handled very much, but give me a year, and he'll be totally different.   Gump was the same way - very antisocial and hostile, and now he's my buddy.  He bites me a lot so I have learned to keep my fingers away from his mouth.  Hope Spike will not be a biter - 2 biters will be too much!

Well, I finished Day 4 of the Annual Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort.   It was a brutal opening weekend - wicked hot and extremely humid, monstrous downpours on Sunday, but it was a georgous day on Monday.  Cooler, dry and just plain lovely.  Tuesday was nice but a bit hotter.    I'm doing better than I though, and running out of some stock , but don't have the energy or time to make more work at night.   I did have some booth adventures.  I was moved to a slightly different location, so it's closer, but the uneven ground is causing all kinds of problems with my booth structure.  I don't think my booth frames will survive Sunapee.   I am not asking for that same spot again!   I also had to borrow my father's big pickup to haul my booth up, and it was an adventure driving it.   I have been shaken and stirred to an inch of my life driving his pickup, but it ferried my booth up to Sunapee.     I'll repeat my truck adventure during breakdown when the fair is over, and I'll get shaken and stirred like a fine martini by then.  

I did have some pleasant surprises - won Best Original Piece for my Red Bolero Jacket and Skirt, and Best in Knitting/Crotcheting for my Tangerine Dream purse.  I must have been the first non-fiber artist to win the knitting award in Craftwear - not too many people knit wire.   Men just love my Red Bolero Jacket and Skirt and have been telling me all about it - it does look like chain mail.    I also did some candlebras that were inspired by a client's doorknobs and the movie, Hugo.   People are going wild for those candlebras, so I'll be expanding my ideas for more candlebras.   It's a great challenge for me and each one comes out a little different.

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