Fall season

Oct 08 2012

I know I haven't blogged in a long time.   I didn't want to be on the computer very much in the past month for I feel like I'm on 10 hours a day and I get tired of it    I think I only averaged 5 days at my workbench in the past month and half, which is pretty pathetic.

Anyways, I managed to set a new record for the most workshops in a month.  I did 5 workshops in two weeks, in 2 states so yes, I had driver-lag ( like jet lag, but from driving so much).   One was fun - the Hasbro retreat at Snow Farm - yes, the Hasbro toy company.  Imagine this - 120 toy designers gone amok in 14 different workshops.   They were a fun lot - very creative, very quick to pick up and lots of fun things they made.  I taught wireworking, out in a tent in a parking lot.   I thought teaching in a root cellar was my worst, but being outside in the 50's,under a dark tent, and rather dark was also challenging and it was physically exhausting.    Hey, I can teach anywhere, as long as I got tables and chairs, I'm ok.   Right after the Hasbro retreat was over, the Boston Chapter ( Society of Glass beadmakers) had their retreat at Snow Farm, so I got to hang out with my glass family for an entire weekend.   Finally got to make some glass beads, which I so rarely do these days.

Got to teach at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, CT for the first time and it was a pretty good place.  I'll love to come back and will in the fall of 2013.    As a result, Guilford Art Center in CT asked me if I want to teach a stonesetting workshop, so again, a new place to teach so it's exciting.  I really like to try other schools to teach, so just feel free to ask me.

Did the RISD alumni sale on Sat and it was ok - I can tell the presidental elections are having a real impact on spending.  Hopefully once the elections are over, people will be more optimistic.   I have a joke about the RISD sales for May and Oct.   The weather will either be cold and raining, or hot and sunny. Oct always seem to bring out the hot, humid days for the Oct Alumni sale, and once again, it was hot but then cooled down in the afternoon.  You think you can put away the shorts and tanks for the season, and nope, you got to dig them out!   We did have a lot of wind so my poor table was covered in leafy debris by end of day.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to being home a lot more and get some work done for the Philly show.   I don't have much time, only about 3 weeks to get all kinds of fabulous metalwork done.  

Spike, the new hedgehog is coming along.   He loves to explore and poke his nose into things and he's just as bad as licking as my dog is - the two of them are addicted to licking.   Gump has been sick and had to be treated for an abscess that popped up so fast - literally in a matter of hours.   Most hedgehogs hate taking meds.  Not Gump - that guy couldn't wait to get his meds and chew on the syringe.   Gump is not a normal hedgehog for his behavior isn't always like a typical hedgie.  Still loves to bite and got both me and vet, who called him a brat, which is true.   He's still my boy and I love that grouchy boy!   Here's a pic of Gump snoozing on a friend's finger, which he didn't bite, amazing enough.

I recently taught a boxmaking workshop and a spoonmaking workshop, which I haven't taught them in years, so it was nice to do them.   I made a mushroom box as my demo box and it's the first time I've done a box in that format.   Kinda cute and I was fooling around with the picture using light effects.   Sometimes you just gotta play with the editing tools in your Photoshop or whatever program you use.

Well, got to get cracking and get some work done today!

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