RISD Alumni Holiday sale and 2013 winter classes

Dec 04 2012

I know it's been a long time since I last blogged, so I'm catching up.   I wrapped up my 2012 season with Snow Farm so it was bittersweet at ending a season, but I'll be back in January for a weekend workshop.   I also sort of lost my mind in late Oct/early Nov when I had classes and workshops every single day from Oct 22 till I left for Philly on Tuesday Nov 5.   Didn't have much time at all to make flatware adn other metal objects for the Philadephia Museum of Art Craft Show.     I managed to have enough stock.  I even did ladles, which I hadn't done in years.

I hadn't done the Philadephia Museum of Art Craft Show in 15 years so I was "new".   Easy fair to do, much to my surprise, setting up, doing the show and breaking down.  Of course, I kept hitting every single red light in Philly and every green light in New Jersey.  Became a running joke between my mom and I.   Also, Philly has so much one-way streets, I would have to go down five blocks to make a turn, another 2-5 blocks to make another turn, so forth.   Those darn one-ways!    It was nice to revisit Philly and just how old that city is - the birthplace of America in a way, and the birthplace of our government.  No, I did not see the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall - did that years ago.

In some way, I hasn't done high ended craft shows for quite a few years, mostly because of the economy and not applying to them either.   I had forgotten how stunning the top American crafts could be, and how much the best craftspeople, really, artists in their fields, made extraordinary crafts.   In fact, it is no longer "craft" but art.  There was a woodworker who made wooden eyeglasses - I bet you they were comfortable.    It got me inspired again to go back to the one of a kind artwork I used to do, so I hope to get back after Christmas is over..  I really miss my playtime, being able to just create, explore ideas, so forth.   I'm been stuck in production mode since July and resenting it these days.

I wish I had pictures to post, but my current computer crashed big time, so I'm back using my cankerous old hard drive, which runs ok, but cannot download images from cameras or CD's anymore.  Hopefully I will have something functional by next year.

During Philly, I started losing my voice, and came home with a lovely case of bronchitis - Philly's gift to me.  Of course, I had to resume my full teaching load, and by Sunday the 18th in CT, my voice cracked in the middle of a prong setting demo and couldn't really talk for almost a week.   I think I really scared my father for he got me to get medical care.  It's nice to have my voice back, just so I can finish teaching.    It's been a long time since I had my voice crack during teaching.  Not my finest moment.   I was pretty useless for most of November.

IIn an interesting twist of fate, Sharon Art Center of Sharon/Peterborought, NH merged with NH Institute of Art (NHIA)  a few weeks ago.  I have a lot of mixed emotions regarding the merger.   I used to work for the NHIA for over a decade, and had to rebuilt the jewelry program for it was a mess when I first starting working there.   NHIA burned me out and I ended up getting pushed out.  I made the jewelry program a little too successful and so many new teachers started showing up, so there wasn't room for me.   I really do not want to go back to working on the Manchester campus, so I have a lot of mixed feelings so I have to do some major decisions for the future.  I can only hope Sharon Art Center does not lose it's regional flavor, for the Monadnock region in NH has it's own character - definitely a little quirky, but steeped in the fine arts.  I didn't plan to be back working for NHIA, but I teach at Sharon Art Center, and I'm pretty much the only metals teacher.   We'll see how it goes.  We do live in interesting times.

Just finished my Tuesday night classes in Lexington and my Currier classes, so another two weeks of classes to finish, and I will have about 2-3 weeks to myself, which is pure luxury!  Only a /artist/teacher would consider a few weeks off as luxury.   Sleep late, spend some quality time with my hedgies and my torch, do some experimental work - I've got ideas for ladles. 

Well, got to do the RISD Holiday alumni sale on Sat the 8th, and wrap up about 5 more classes and 2 workshops.  Gump is old, but still doing good, Spike still has an huffy attitude, and Robert, my parakeet will be 10 years old come next year.  Bosco is still lovable, but definitely has eyes for my pillows - we have nightly tussles to cope with.   Only a small dog can commander a bed and make it difficult for a human being to get in and sleep.  How can a small dog get so big and heavy in bed?  I have no idea so if someone has a theory, I'll love to hear it!

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