December musings.....

Dec 17 2012

Well, I am winding down and just about done with classes ( YAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!).  What can I say?   2 to 3 weeks without classes is bliss for me.   I need some downtime now.    I'm finding I'm even slowing down, reading more, spending more time with my beloved Gump and Spike, although Spike and I need to talk. Spike has to learn to relax more, for he's so darn jumpy!   Gump is a warm lump, just loves to lay on me and soak up my warm.   He's such a different hedgie since I bought him home in Feb, 2011.   I caught Spike just gazing this afternoon and got some snapshots of him, in his condo.  

My computer is back, so I'm been making up for lost time, and I'm loving having my computer working so much better.  Turned out there was so many spywares conflicting with each other, the poor hard drive just shut down.  I don't blame it - I would probably do the same thing.  It also makes it clear I am a little too dependent on my computer, but that's the way the world and business is.   We humans are literally tied into the computer.   I can see why so many computer people ended up taking craft classes - they need something hands on to do.

Here's a few pics I took in the fall.  Last session at Snow Farm, so you can see the late Oct landscape in my favorite corner.   Picture of Ben Franklin Bridge in Philly - I am a bridge fanatic and it's always a thrill to go over bridges, so I got quite a few pictures as my mom drove over the bridge and I shooting away with my camera.

One of my favorite glass pieces, a piece of pot melt scrap I found at Snow Farm last year.  I finished the glass scrap on a cabbing machine so it became a glass gem, and I set it in fine silver bezel with sterling bail.  I love how the green moon peeks out of the black clouds and the starts twinkling, and the rusty landscape on the bottom.   I see landscapes and images in stones such as jaspers or agates, and in glass.    I either see an image or I don't.  I try to keep the settings very simply, to let the images shine.    That glass really spoke to me.

Well, NH is now cold, snowy, and we are just a few days away from first day of winter season.  I hope this winter won't be excessively snowy.  Gets harder every year just to dig out the snow.   Tip - if you have an ice scraper, that will be your friend in leveraging out stubborn clumps of snow as well as ice.  I love that tool.   Back to shovelling!

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