2013 - New Year

Jan 05 2013

Despite all the Mayan World ending prophecy, we all survived to face a new year.   Once again Congress makes it a difficult holiday season with the fiscal cliff crisis - as a friend said, if she hears "fiscal cliff" one more time, she'll scream.   I got a good laugh at that, but then I was pretty ticked off at Congress, esp with the Republicans for dragging their feet for so long.   As a result, holiday sales were pretty dismal with the craft fairs my craftpeople friends and I did last fall.   If you were thinking of going the craft route circuit, find a backup plan, or get a part time job.   That's why I teach so much and try not to do too many craft shows.   It's not worth it for the most part and you barely clear your fair expenses as so many of my friends are experiencing.

It was nice to not teach for 2 weeks, just hang out at home, putter in my studio, catch up on my yarn knitting and reading.  I think I went through 2 dozen books in the past 3 weeks, and just bought home another half dozen today from the library.  No real heavy reading, but good, entertaining mysteries and fictions.   I can't bring myself to read the classics - too depressing when there's lots of great books out there.   My local library get heavy use with the townfolks - the hardest part is to find a place to park.

I am pretty much done with the custom orders and orders, and can focus on new artwork.   After going back to flatware for the first time in 5 years to do the Philly Museum of Art craft show last Nov, I find myself wanting to do more spoons.   Sometimes you just need a long break and I needed it.    I am exploring pod shaped forms, actually picking up what I left off 3 years ago when I did the Spectre servers.   I did two baby spoons for an exhibit called "A Child at Heart" which opens Jan 11, at the League of NH Craftsmen gallery in Concord.   I didn't want to make just a plain ole baby rattle, so I thought I would combine rattles and baby spoons together, so "Shake it, Baby!" was the result.  I think it functions well, and very elegant as well.   The other baby spoon was Whimsy, which was a fold-over handle, which is the first one I really did.   

I'm still working on the purse format, but trying a less formal design, the simple evening bag.   I knitted various colors of wire to get a gradual "fade" from dark to light.   The lining is the part I'm stuck on so I'll be working on that.  I may have to enlist some of my leather or fiber friends to help with the fabric lining so that it is cleaner and more professional.      Sometimes when I get new ideas, I get stuck figuring out the technical aspects and so it can take a few years for my skills to catch up with my ideas, but once the skills come, it gets easier.  

As for work for the future, lots of big rings, as well as small rings since I have so many stones for ring designs, so I have to get cracking on that.   Not sure how my jewelry will evolve so, this will be a lot of thinking and planning this winter and spring, so that I can have a new collection for the Sunapee fair in August.

Hope we all have a better year!

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