February musings......

Feb 24 2013

   I've been on a ring roll this year.   My stones and glass cabs are out of control and I needed to get as much as I could set into jewelry.   These days I just want to make rings, after making so many earrings in the last 5 odd years, I'm a little "earring" weary.    These pictures show the majority of rings I've made so far.  Continuing the glass theme, I've been setting many modern Czech glass buttons into rings, as well as glass cabs.   After setting so many gemstones over the decades, glass is refreshing, in its colors and sparkle.   I really am a glass artist as well as a metal artist.  My way of trying to merge both glass and metal together, and the glass button rings are wonderful.  Big, bold, colorful and fun!   I find most of my Czech glass buttons off Ebay, directly from the Czech Republic.

Once again, I took a busman's holiday and TA for a resin inlay workshop for a fellow jeweler and friend.  I've done resin inlay, but pretty much taught myself how to do it.   However, I did pick up a lot of new tips, which will make a huge difference in the quality of my resin inlays.   The green leaf ring in the upper picture is resin inlay and one of the best inlays I've done.   I've learn a product called UV Magic Glos, by Lisa Pavelka, which cures under UV light and what a great product to have.   I will get them when I can.

Winter came with a ferocity that was quite stunning.  Feb 8 to 9 was the great Nor'easter of 2013, setting new records, rivaling the Blizzard of '78.  Even the MA highways were closed, which never happens.   It was pretty much snowed every weekend now for February except for Feb 2-3 which was clear.    I don't know what March will bring, but you betcha a few more snowstorms to wrap it up for winter.  You can see when I opened the garage door, the level of snow and how much it was on the side porch.  It was 2 feet deep in most places but 3 feet deep in some areas and in the back yard, where there was so much snow drift.  I really got a good workout for 3 days straight hauling the snow out.  My poor dog does not like snow and he had to wait till we could shovel out a dog path for him and a path for the heating oil man, who can show up without warning to pump oil into my ever faithful heating oil tank.  I was just glad I could stay home and not do much. 

Ever since I moved to my house in the early 2000's, the winters have been very challenging.  I've seen more destructive storms since 2000 came around and I've developed a healthy respect for the powers of Mother Nature.  Of course, a part of me is NH native American Indian, courtney of my great, great grandfather, so I appreciate what Mother Nature is capable of.  The family story is that my great, great grandmother had an affair with the local Indian handyman and my great grandmother was the result.  I don't know what happened to the Indian handyman but I bet you he was ran off the farm.   That was back in 1888.  Another colorful family lore.  The rest of me are Scottish, Irish, Swedish, German and Ukranian, so it is clear I'm a cold weather person.   Winters, no big deal.  Tons of snow and ice, that is a problem!

I also had the opportunity to teach at Guilford Art Center in Guilford, CT on Feb 2-3.  It was my first time teaching there and it was a great class, and a very nice metals studio, so I would be happy to come back anytime to teach.    Hopefully in the fall or next year!   I really want to try teaching at other schools for a nice change of pace.  I'm still waiting for my invitation to teach at Haystack, which I love, or at Penland!  Hopefully one of these days.  You never know where you will end up at.

Last but not least, my local newspaper did a feature story on me.  I never expected to be on the front cover, but I did. It was a nice article.  It was funny to walk into the library, and have the librarian recognize me.



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