March Madness..... ( couldn't resist!)

Mar 08 2013

Well, it is March and it's a truly mad March.   Digging out from the latest snowstorm, which I hear it dumped up to a foot of down down in VA to CT.  Only got a few inches.  Its suppose to go into the 50's by Monday.  It snows one to twice a week these days now.   Again, it's nice to be home more often and not stuck in my car, commuting from one school after another.

I've been finishing more Czech glass button rings and some pendants, esp, for the larger ones.   I also have been trying to make inroads in my unfinished ring dept, and making some progress.  Of course, I keep coming up with new ring bands so that compounds the problem.  What can I say?  I'm efficient.  I like to make lots of blanks, whether they are ring bands, bezel settings, spoon bowls, so forth, so that when I have inspirations, I can grab the blanks and put them together.    There are days when I do nothing but make bezels, or rings, or little things.   It really does help with production work.

I was given a pinblock that was from a 1920's Steinway piano.  It was going to be thrown out and I could see it could work well as a tool holder, so Al  and Karin Bulter ( lovely couple, good friends) said, take it and knock yourself out.   I had my father cut it into 4 pieces, and I enlarged many of the smaller holes.  It works perfectly as a stamping tool holder, so it was worth salvaging.    I can truthfully say I own a part of a vintage Steinway.  If I was going to get a piano ( which I will never), I would go for a Mason-Hamill, a much superior piano with great tonal range and sound.  I got quite an education on pianos from Al, who repairs/restores pianos.

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