New toys for the studio

Apr 01 2013

Winter is over and spring is finally here.  54 right now, so it feels good to have the air more balmy.  Most of the snow is melting away and the landscape is barren, but there's a freshness in the air that promises new growth now.   It's been quite sunny these days which is a nice change.

After TA-ing for the Resin Inlay workshop back in Feb, I picked up good tips on improving my resin inlays.   One of them was UV Magic Glos, a resin that goes not require mixing, and cures under UV light ( blacklight).   Of course, I needed all of the tools/materials necessary for successful resin inlays, so I got the Pearl EX pigments, which is mica powder mixed with color and has a 3-dimensional quality to it, micro beads, an embossing heat gun, a UV light, Magic Glos and good old quick-setting expoy.  There are tons of expoy on the market, but my favorite is Devcon Quick setting expoy, for it cures clear.  Loctite expoy tends to yellow badly and doesn't cure well for me.  The heat gun helps to pop bubbles in the expoy and make it more liquid.   It's smaller than a hair dryer so it works better.

As you can see I have all the necessary tools/materials, and after doing a bunch of silver rings, I have had much more improved resin inlays.   I had scrap bezel cups that I made, but stones don't fit or are broken or missing, so I put together two bezel cups on an U-shape ring shank.   After filling in with quick-setting expoy mixed with Pearl Ex pigments, I had a series of colorful, fun rings.   I domed the top of resin with the UV Magic Glos so that I had a perfectly clear, domed top, much like a stone cabachoun.     i did have to cure the Magic Glos uner the UV light, but the results were so much superior to what I was doing in the past.   I'm really happy that I can have glorious resin inlays.   One ring, I used tea leaves for a more earthy look.   In fact, almost anything can be used for resin inlay - paint, tea, spices, sand, glitter, eye makeup powder, glittery nailpolish, enamel powder, the list goes on.

As for fun, it's hard for me to get out and have fun, but I did go see the Paradise City Art Festival in Marlborough, MA in late March.  It was nice to see my craftsmen friends, and see new work.   


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