Crappy day..............

Jun 28 2013

After a crappy start this morning when a place I left years ago I swore I would never return, I found myself involuntarily working for them due to a merger last year, which they didn't do a certain thing in a timely manner..  Now I find myself having to waste weeks to resolve the issue.  Then the cherry gets added onto the sundae of crap - I received news that Brookfield Craft Center (BCC) is shutting down as of 6/29/13.   They closed for a few months in 2010 and was able to reopen.   This time, unless BCC can find a sponsor that will keep them open for years, it does not look good.  I have many fond memories of BCC and many adventures regarding BCC, esp. trying to get there in the first place!   This economy is still lousy, and after 5 years of struggling, I am exhausted.   If I die an early death, you know why!  I'm worn out from trying to be an artist.     I've turned from an idealist to a pessimist and now assume the worst from anything.  I know it is a bad attitude, but I've had a lot of reasons to have an pessimist attitude.

I've had people tell me they would love to sit on my shoulder and watch my creative process.  All I can tell you these days, I live in days of sheer terror and sheer rapture, but many day in sheer repetition, making the same things over and over..    I hate to disillusioned my loyal friends and fans, but it's been such a struggle to be creative.   I spend more time trying to cheer me up and get going.  To borrow a phrase from the British during WW!!, "keep calm and carry on", that is all it is keeping me going for some time.   Every so often, I rebel and do something new.  I have to make myself to do something new while the pile of stones and gems beg me to set them into something nice.   Sometimes I have to get out and escape in a walk and look at the vegetation that grows like crazy here in NH.  I've found a little stream in Bedford that just draws me in.


6/30/13  - Anyways, I realized I never finished this blog.   Apparently I was so tired I fell asleep in my chair ( it happens time to time).   I guess I needed to rant a little last night and got it out of my system.   Back to the pictures - I TA-ed for Karen Karon, who is a queen of chain maille, so I finally got to learn chain maille - specifically European 4 in 1.  I only got to make a few samples but it's enough to give me an idea.  However, opening and closing the aluminum jump rings was murder on my thumbs and they still ache a bit now, even after 2 weeks.  I'll have to try silver for it's softer.     By the way, the price of silver fell so much, it is now under $20 an oz, something I haven't seen in over 2 years, so I'm thrilled, big time!   Nothing like falling prices on gold and silver to get my blood pumping - I know I'm a little nuts, but when you work with silver, you appreciate any price drop for it means we can get more silver for our money.

I was treated to this cute little chocolate hedgehog pastry a week and half ago.  I had to take a picture of it before it was consumed.   Chocolate on top of a shortcake cookie, and the quills are slilvered almonds and enrobed in chocolate.   I'm surrounded by hedgehogs, both real and fake.  I have lots of fake hedgehogs all over my house, thanks to many gifts from friends.   I never started out to collect hedgehogs, but they all find me, one way or other.

Trying out hoop earrings, but with a twist.  I have a few more designs to execute in silver and then I can unveil them at the Annual Craftsmen's Fair which will open on Aug 3 and end on Aug 11.  I only have 5 weeks before fair open but I have stock, so that's good.  Working on my exhibition pieces, which I have half of it done and need to get the other half finished.   I'm either going to be ready for Sunapee, or not, but I feel like I'm slightly ahead this year, since I had much more time to work this month in my studio.  Thanksfully, in this crazy heat wave, never-ending rain, my studio stays cool and I can pretty much live down there.

Last but not least, I have been collecting pictures, both old, new and interesting.   My mom forwarded me a bunch of historical images from the mid 1800's to the 70's.   The redwood trees in pre 1900 are huge, as you can see the lumberjacks showing off.  The other image is the Statue of Liberty being made in France in

1882.   The Statue of Liberty was made of copper sheets that were formed, repoussed and chased, but on a huge scale.    I work big, but seeing the arm and how tiny the metalworkers look against her arm, it puts things in perspective.   Last but not least, a library of my dreams.   It's an actual bookstore in Europe, but I would love to just move in and take up residence, surrounded by books and fanciful wood carvings.






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