Sad week and one week before Annual Craftsman's Fair opens

Jul 26 2013

It's been a very long week.  My cousin, Mona, died unexpectingly on Sunday.  She was only 49, but lingering complications from a very rare aneurysm removed years ago was too much for her. She had a heart attack, which for someone young, is not common.    I only have a few blood cousins left now.  I have a small family that when one member passes away, it's a shock for it reminds us of our fragile mortality.  Even my head injury back in the spring was a wakeup call of how unpredictable life is and how we can go from healthy to disabled or ill.   I tend to have a delayed reaction to bad news - it usually hits me days after and I had a major meltdown yesterday.  Not a pretty sight, but the realization that Mona was being buried at 5pm yesterday, I lost it completely.   My cousin Joanne and I are the last young ones left of my father's family and it is sobering.   I'm still grieving.

In the midst of all that, my CraftWear and Living with Crafts exhibition pieces were due this week, so I had to get the work done and delivered.    Here is a sneak preview of some of the exhibition pieces.   I am in a hedgehog mood, so I had made the Hedgehog box back in January.  This time, I made a Triple Mohawk silver hedgehog pendant, which I neglected to get a picture ( which I will get next week) and a silver pendant with hedgehow quills embedded in polymer clay.  Definitely a pendant to wear if you don't want to get hugged.  It was good to get that out of my mind and execute the idea into reality.     I also went old school for I made two silver bowls from vintage silver sheet that I was saving, and a series of ladles from large to small.      I also made another purse, in vibrant magneta color, on a nickel purse frame, with a polymer clay bottom, and a silver flower brooch, as seen in picture above as an accent.

The showstopper is a biker's vest, biker's cap and gauntlets, all made of knitted black copper, on a male mannequin for CraftWear.   I can't wait to see the complete setup once Stacey, the exhibition coordinator gets finished.   Making the vest took forever in the finishing part - the wire edges all had to be wrapped.  What a pain to do, but it's all done.   It's called Ready to Rumble, so it's going to be fun to see everyone's reaction to my biker's outfit.

One week left before the Sunapee fair opens, and it's going to be a mad, mad week in setting up booth and Opening Day is Sat, Aug 3, 10am to 5pm. 

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