80th Annual Craftsmen Fair

Aug 12 2013

Yesterday was the end of the 80th Annual Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee in NH.  It was an interesting year, so to speak.   I didn't do quite as well this year compared to last year.   All of the talk of the economy improving, but I still don't see signs and people are still very tight with their money.  Guess it will take another 5-10 years for the economy to recover.   I had a new location, booth 403, which was closer to the front of Tent 4 rather than be in the back.   I miss the little hut that provides a nice shadow in the afternoon in the back, but I did get more foot traffic this year.   I'm still unsure how I feel about my new location.   I did get a wicked sunburn from being in the sun so much when the afternoon rolls around.  I'm still quite bright pink right now.

 This year is an odd one for me - I'm either indifferent or undecided on many things.   I had to have a floor platform put down, which my father built for me.  It was too much for him, but at least, I had a level floor that kept my new walls from buckling or deforming.   After having my walls permanently warped and damaged last year in my old booth, and getting new walls, I was bound and determined to keep the new walls from getting warped.    It was nice having a fairly level floor rather than the pronouced slant that characterized many a Sunapee fair booth, even to give you vertigo if you are not careful.    We all make jokes about the slanted ground, after all, we are at a ski resort.   Some exhibitors have an 18" difference from one end to the other end in their booth.  Mine was probably a foot in the slope difference.

I wasn't going to bring Spike, my hedgehog to Sunapee, for he was still rather huffy, but surprisingly enough, he behaved pretty well, tolerating the touching by many people without huffing and popping too much.    Spike ended up coming to the fair twice, and I got him exploring on my island, next to my purse.      I was in a hedgehog mood this year, and made two hedgehog pendants.  I had these ideas in mind for years, and finally got them out of my mind and into reality.  Triple Mohawk silver hedgehog pendant - triple row of silver quills.  I had done a Double Mohawk twice in two variations and Single Mohawk.   Not sure how a quad mohawk will look, but that's something for the future.   I finally made a silver pendant with polymer clay  in it and many actual hedgehog quills embedded into the polymer clay.  I have found that polymer clay is the perfect medium to hold hedgehog quills and you can bake it without any problems.   I'm going to try that with porcupine quills, which of course, I have a supply of, thanks to Etsy.   Anyways, the Hedgehog pendant won the Most Original Piece award in CraftWear.

For Living with Crafts, I made an departure from my usual salad servers.   I made a pair of sterling silver bowls from vintage sterling discs that I was saving,   I figured, I have this 18g. 5" silver disc, and here's a chance to make as silver bowl.  I also made matching spoons to go with the bowl.  After making small ladles for the Phidaphedia craft show in Philly,  I wanted to make more ladles and small serving spoon.  

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