Spike's Great Escape

Dec 16 2013

Last week, I did the RISD holiday sale, which was slightly better than the last 2 years, so that's some progress.  Althought I was at my most disorganized for I had spent the previous day getting 7 orders/custom jobs done and out in the mail.   I also went to CraftBoston on Sunday the 8th to see if it is worth doing it for Dec 2014, and I've decided I will do it.    Well, that same night, I discovered Spike missing.

I have no idea how he escaped or got upstairs.  I know I had him Sat night, and put him back in his cage. Sunday night, no Spike to be found.  I proceed to take my basement apart, over two days.  I got my fall cleaning done ahead of schedule.  You think after looking at every cubbyhole, moving furniture, moving boxes, vaccumming the heck out of the studio, Spike would be found.  Even looking under the water boiler where a previous hedgehog used to like going under - warm, dark, snug - just what a hedgehog needs.  

Not a hair or quill to be found.   I found my rolling mill handle that was AWOL for a year, and other stuff I needed, so it was worth doing.   By 1am Wed morning, I gave up.  48 hours of seaching to no avail.   Spike is not to be found.  Half hour later, my mom comes down with a towel in her hands.  I said, Spike?  Is he still alive?   At that precise moment, Spike "popped" and I knew he was fine, and as fiesty as ever.  I said, where did you find him?   He was in her bedroom.    At that point, I didn't trust myself to talk, but put him back in his cage with fresh water/food.   He was hungery, but didn't seem thirsty.   The next morning, I was so hung over from worrying for 2 days, it hurt to get up.   I asked, is Spike in his cage?  Mom said, yes, still there.    I'm not sure if I ever will truly forgive him for scaring the daylights out of me or being missing for so long.   

Generally hedgehogs leave a trail of poop and sometimes urine, but after a thorough search of house, only one piece of poop and one small urine spot, so I have no idea where he was holed up.  I was turning furniture over, checking underneath to see if he found a hole to crawl into.    Spike really likes to go on walkabouts and a previous walkabout earlier in the fall, he discovered a cache of dust bunnies, and proceed to thoughtfully spread them all over my closet floor.  What a mess!

Since the Great Escape, Spike has been so much more relaxed so I know it did him a world of good, but took ten years off my life.    However, he has a taste for freedom, and more than twice already he tried to go on walkabouts.   Found him running by the tree, and last night, he kept "sliding" off the coffee table while I was talking pictures of him.   Some hedgehogs just love to leap off furniture or from high up, and Spike is one of them.   He's the nosiest, most curious and adventureous hedgehog I've ever had.    In fact, he likes to poke and prod me with his nose.   I tell him to knock it off and he keeps butting in.  He's such a wiseguy.

Poor Bosco ( my dog) didn't get much attention for two days.  I told him I wish he was a search dog.  Bosco does not like Spike, and will keep his distance - at least 1 foot or more away from that heaving ball of spikes ( that descibes Spike to a T).  One Facebook friend posted that I should call the fire dept and find out where I can hire seach dogs - I came very close to doing it.   I did not want to find a dead body months later, so I was incredibly relieved Spike was more than ok.    He's such a cheeky little rascal!   However, Miss Daisy, a tiny zebra finch, escaped this summer, and I caught her, put her back in her cage, and then next day, she escaped again.  To this day, I still haven't found that tiny body.   I think Miss Daisy wanted to die, and on her own.  You know how cats will wander off, never to return?  Same thing with Muffin, a tabby cat I had as a little girl.    She wandered off and never returned.  She was an old cat by then.

On the jewelry front, I finally finished the two pink Viking knits I started last year, or maybe 2 years ago - can't remember.  One of them has 8 colors and the other one is 3 colors.  To dress up Viking knit chains, I like to justify the cost ($195 and up) of making them, so I will make toggles with gemstones set into them.   Black onyx on the 8 colored chain and a faceted hemalite on the 3 color chain.   I also wanted to make some sterling and goldfilled Viking chains that I could hang large pendants on.    I find I like the subtle gold/silver look I get.   I am currently working on a pink goldfilled/sterling viking knit, but a slightly thinner chain.   I had taken a long hiatus from knitting wire, for it's hard on my hands.

I'm pretty much done with classes for this fall session, and next round of classes start Jan 15.   I'm so relieved to get a few weeks to myself and planned not to make any jewelry, but do other stuff like refinishing the vintage watchmaker's bench my father gave me in July.  It needs a lot of work, but will be a good, large project to do.  Once in a while, I have to go big.

I'm ready to crash tonight, with Spike, a good book and a glass of wine.   





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