May 31 2014

Once again, spring has finally arrived after such a long, hard winter. So nice to see all the trees and flowers blooming and green shades as far as the eye can see.

Cody has proving himself to be a master escape artist.  I've never had a hedgehog escape so much or find the darnest places to hide.   I once found Cody sleeping in Bosco's box of dog toys - that was hilarous. Another time, when I pulled Cody out from under the vanity, he was covered in monster dust bunnies.   These days, he hasn't escaped so much in the past month, but still manages to pull a fast one on me time to time.  Spike, my older hedgehog is a mellow boy, now at 5 years, which is pretty good for a hedgehog.

Been to Snow Farm 3 times in May. Here's a view of the creek that runs behind the Metals studio at Snow Farmand the trees in my little parking area.  So peaceful and beautiful.   I take a lot of pics of the scenery at Snow Farm and I personally think I have the best spot where the Metals Studio is located - creek running behind the studio, big ancient pines in front and tons of flowering trees.  As usual, I get my groupies who come back year after year, and got to hang out with my buddy, Dave Z., stained glass instuctor.  Great classes, and overall a good year at Snow Farm.

I'm still stuck in a rut, but slowly gearing up for Sunapee, for that is exactly 2 months from today.   I won't have a lot of stock but will have enough.  I have a new spot in Tent 4, so I'm a little anxious at how I will set up my booth to make it classier since my boothmate has a fabulous booth.   I'll manage, as I always do.   My work has gotten more streamlined and cleaner, and I've gone back to using pearls.   I did a series of earrings called "Unfurling", and I did 7 of them, and now working on a few more pairs.  You can see the different aspects of each pair.

Also playing around with copper wire for a series of cuff bracelets, which I think I will call Tracings for they look like you did a doodle on your arm, which is fun.   Otherwise, I just poke around in my studio, trying to find my missing motivation and get working.  I finally had one day, which was yesterday where I got a whole day working in my studio, and finished a lot of incompleted projects.  Hope I have more of these productive days this month.





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