Jun 26 2014

Summer is here and this week is a hot, muggy heat wave.  I'm been hunkered down in my cool basement studio, working like a mad scientist getting ready for Sunapee fair for the past few days.  It's been nice to just be in my studio, not driving anywhere.  Even my dog is getting used to me being home more often.  I mean, I put on over 4000 miles on my poor, aging car in two months, which is a record for me.  My car still keeps trucking along, and at over 159,600 miles, I've set a new record for myself since I never had a car go that long and that many miles.  Generally I end up getting a new car while old car is in the 120k mile range.   I'm aiming for the 175,000 mark mile and I hope I can.  We'll see.  

I'm very attached to my car and it's gonna be tough to find one that is similar to it. If you are wondering, it's a cute wee PT Cruiser.  Never thought I would own one, but it's the perfect car for an artist or craftsperson - very compact for city driving but a huge cargo space in the back, once you remove the back seats.  High headroom, so I get spoiled.    I'm gonna really miss my car when it's time to retire it and I'm surprised at the passion I have for a piece of machinery.  I love working with tools and machinery, and you do develop a relationship with them, and you get to know the quirks of them    A car is simply an oversized piece of machinery, if you think about it.  I've noticed cars and dogs are similar - both have to be registered at the town ( or city) hall, have to sport plates ( or dog tags), go for annual exams/inspections, and maintainence.   Both require lots of care and money. Just an observation.

Anyways, I made Green Glow, a necklace and matching earrings for Circles, Squares and Triangles exhibition at the League of NH Craftmen gallery.  All sterling, with Czech half-drilled glass cabs.  I wanted to do something with the lovely green glass cabs, and since they were round, it made sense to incorporate them into a necklace that was composed of circles and squares.   Since many people want matching earrings to go with a necklace or bracelet, it was easier to just keep making the compoments so that I had enough for necklace and earrings, and extra disks left over for another pair of earrings, but with faux pearls. 

There are times I have a surplus of certain parts or materials, and as usual, the assorted silver jump rings got out of control, so I make what I call "Bubbles" jewelry - pendants usually.  This time, I'm trying out cuff bracelets.   Since cuffs get so much wear and tear, I made a wire frame out of 14g. and then soldered on all the assorted jump rings, domed silver disks and silver beads made from scrap silver onto the framework.   It's the most over the top of the Bubbles jewelry I've made.    Every year, I try to freshen up an existing design, and this year, it's adding solid silver beads and silver disks to my Bubbles pendants. Earrings are very challenging to make so I don't make Bubbles earrings.  The duplicating of jump rings, disks and beads and making two pieces alike makes me a little bonkers.  I've only done it once.

My father has the most beautiful stained glass doors on his pastry closet.  It's all clear glass in lead cames, and the pattern starts with teardrops on the bottom, circles in the middle and marquise shape on top, so I duplicated the pattern in a delicate chain necklace.  After looking at those doors for almost 2 years, I had to convey my love for those glass panels into a piece of jewelry so I ended up making two necklaces, one very long one and one that is around 25" long.

Cody, my escape artist hedgehog is finally settling in.  He is relaxing more and more during our nightly snuggles, and by next year, he'll be a different boy.  Still likes to keep me on my toes during escapes, but he's now becoming predictable, making it easier for me to find him.  Spike, on the other hand has gotten to be a fat boy, and he's 5 years old, which it old in hedgehog years.   I hope he makes it to next year.  We really have bonded and he's a snuggle boy.   Still likes to sack out next to my hard drive while I do computer work.   My mom found this funny cartoon, which is a hoot.

To sum it up, my life revolves around Bosco the dog, the 2 hedgehogs, my classes and my studio.  I don't have much of a life.    One month from now, the Annual Craftsmen's Fair opens, and I start pulling my hair out.   No, I'm fine and for once, feeling more relaxed, for I have the whole month of July to finish up all those unfinished jewelry projects.   My PA workshop got cancelled, and I'm kinda relieved, for I can just focus on being ready for Sunapee.   There's an unique ring display I saw on Pinterest that I want to make my own version for Sunapee.  I even borrowed a proper jewelry case with lights, so that I can upgrade my booth to make it even classier.


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