Pre-fair Preview

Jul 21 2014

It's only a week and half before the Annual Craftsman's Fair starts on Aug 2, at Mt. Sunapee Resort, Newbury, NH, but for the first time, I finished all my exhibition pieces for Living with Crafts and Craftwear 2 days before drop-off deadline.   I was bounded and determined to finish everything by Sunday night, so that all of my exhibition pieces will be ready for the photographer on Monday.   Took everything and some old flatware out to Charley Freiberg, who does all of my large artworks, and jury images.  My lightbox isn't big enough to accommodate my larger work, so Charley shoots them for me.  I cannot tell you what a load off my mind, having everything done early, and I can relax.

As my mom says, she's never seen me so relaxed before the fair.  I had the whole month of July to myself - no classes, no workshops except my own open studio classes.   Having a month to myself, no students, no teaching is pure bliss.  Got to sleep late most of the time and take my leisurely pace in my studio.  As a result, I have gotten a ton of work done, and so many earrings, I'm getting "earring" out.   I will have to plan this next year for July 2015 - keep my classes and workshops to the bare minumum to get the most work done.   

For Living with Craft, I had one remaining sterling disc, old stock from the 50's-70's, so I made a silver bowl with it.  I was hung up on bases, and first idea was a wash, second idea - Bubbles theme was a bit unworkable, and then after looking at my silver flower earrings which I made the day before, I thought, a flower base.  The cool thing is that the copper flowers spin around thanks to a tube rivet that holds the flowers to the bowl.  I was trying to keep the soldering to a minumum for the silver bowl and the rivet works perfectly.   The big copper ladle, now that's a story behind it.  Back in '88 or '89, I sawn out a 7" fat flat spoon out of 1/4" thick copper sheet, using a bandsaw.  Forging, stretching, sinking the handle and bowl caused the ladle to more than double it's length.  Over the next 20 odd years, I would constantly lose the unfinished ladle, then it will resurface, then disappear.  Finally when I found it this year, I knew I had to finish it for once and all.   Finished forging and planishing it ( fine, overlapping hammer blows with a highly polished planishing hammer), and lots of belt-sanding it, then deburring/sanding it.   It was one heavy sucker of a ladle, weighting 1.2lbs and 14" long, so I thought, might as well have fun etching it.   Took a gallon of ferrous chlorine to etch it, a random abstract pattern. Patined the ladle to give it an aged look.

For CraftWear, as usual, had to top myself, so made a capelet out of peridot colored copper wire, all knitted, and trimmed with seed beads.  I was trying to think of a title, and the capelet is very Victorian, with French and Russian influences, and bam, got the title.  It's called "St. Peterburg in the  Guilded Age".   Another long-term project, started over a year ago, was this red knitted rope of red copper wire.   It is now called "Red Trumpet", all knitted out of 28g. fine copper wire, finished off with feathers and a sterling vine clasp.   I have another hedgehog pendant which I'll save for the next blog and a few more things.    Got to save some things for my Sunapee fair blog, and whet your appetite.

Now have to do a booth run-through to see what is missing, what needs to be replaced or fixed, and then can go set up my booth in a week from now.   For once, I am ready for Sunapee.






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