80th Annual Craftsmen's Fair

Aug 14 2014

The 80th Annual Craftsman's Fair was the best fair in my life.  I was so relieved.   I think, the new location, the upgrades to my booth, the new work, having a month to myself and probably other factors all helped.  As you can see, here's a booth shot.  I upgraded to LED lights, borrowed a jewelry case from Metalwerx ( where I teach at ), new rug, new posters.  Being next to Kathleen Dustin and in front of Tent 4 was great.  I really liked my new location and hope ( pray to the booth gods) that I will get it next year.   I wasn't too tired after the fair was over and then, bam, back to the teaching grind.  I'm more tired now than I was 2 weeks ago.

I did the latest entry in my Hedgehog Pendant series - Pearly Quills.  I had these long stick pearls that I didn't know what to do with them, and then thought, mmmmm, what about quills?   I had that on display in CraftWear, and even before Preview on Friday night, Aug 1, it sold.  Started the fair off on a good foot.  A dear collector bought it and she buys my work almost yearly.  I asked her if it was going to be a donation to a collection, and she said, no, it's for herself, and then she'll gift it to her granddaugther.

I didn't buy much supplies in July, having spent all my money on the booth upgrades, so I got creative with all the odds and ends in my studio, and remaking old parts, bits and pieces into new work.   It's amazing how creative you can get with, when you have odd stuff.  In the silver pendant, I originally had a number of sterling spoons casted about 12 years ago.  However, the spoon bowl was all pitted, so I cut that off, leaving me with an ornate handle.  That sat in my drawer for a decade.  Finally, I decided I was going to use it, one way or other.  It so happened the pink druzy I had, fit the handle perfectly, and thus, a new pendant was born.   I've found that, once in a while, I'll have an older piece of artwork, and then when I go through my stone collection, I'll find a gem that just fits perfectly and then I remake the piece into something new.

Even the weather has been great.  August was really nice, not too hot, mostly cool, dry and breezy.  There were days that felt like a Sept day.  I am really looking forward to the cool, crisp fall days now.   My favorite season is fall, with spring next.   

Well, fall semester will be starting soon, and back to the teaching grinding.  I finished a weeklong workshop at Snow Farm yesterday.  It wasn't the easiest of workshops to teach, and I was relieved to be done.  I'm still exhausted, and struggling to find the energy to finish my work and the post fair jobs.




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