Happy Holidays!

Dec 24 2019

It is literally hours before Christmas Day.    Another holiday season has come and winding down.   I'll be glad to have a little time off.   As I reread some of my blogs, I realized I sound like a broken record, with the same themes and complaints.   Enough of that.   In a way, blogs are a way of rambling, a snapshot of our lives and thoughts, a tiny glimpse in the day to days of an artist's life.   It's not an easy life, for you never know what you will be dealing with each day, and what goes well and what go down the drain.  

I found rings I've made but never set the stones this week, so I actually got quite a few rings made and put some out on display at the Goldsmiths Gallery in Concord, NH ( where I work at part-time), and some pendants.   Feels fabulous when you get unfinished work done, stones set and polished.   It's a wonderful showroom and great selection of fine, handcrafted high-end jewelry.  I have 2 cases for my work and certain customers always come to see what I have.  I have one wonderful client that always buys my work and this fall, she bought several of my rings, the ones I loved.  It's true, I've made jewelry that I loved, but can't justify keeping it, only if I have imperfections that I know I can't sell that I keep, or mark them very low and sell them as seconds.  www.goldsmiths-gallery.com

The League of NH Craftsmen is one of the oldest crafts organization in the US and I've been a member since 1986.   However, there's another small crafts guild, called Craftworkers Guild in Bedford, NH, which is the oldest crafts guild in NH.  I was once a member many years ago, and rejoined them as a member back in Feb.   So many changes and yet still very much the same.   Just a lot more organized, thanks to our fearless president, who is hyper organized.   It's nice to be back in the Guild.   We just wrapped up our 4rd and last fair for 2019.    If you are curious, go check out - https://sites.google.com/site/craftworkersguild/home.

Anyways, I wish all of you Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year's!



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