Life in the time of the Virus

May 07 2020

I've been seeing a lot of "time in the age of virus". I watched the movie, Love in the Time of Cholera years ago with a friend. I was not a fan of the movie, but 10+ years later, I totally get it, what the movie was about. Not to mention the title, Love in the Time of Cholera just rolls off your tongue.
As we weather our lockdown or stay at home orders, in spite of social distancing, I'm seeing the more human side of people, as famous people, regular people, mayors, governors and more are all stuck at home, reporting from their home office, you see a tiny glimpse of their homes. After seeing Brody, the weather dog photobomb his owner, Paul Dellegatto, a chief meteorologist for FOX 13 in Tampa Bay, I had to laugh.

No matter what we do, our pets remind us, we are there for them. Yet, we humans are social creatures, we need to be with our own kind to talk, gossip, go out to eat and drink, hang out, so forth. We can't do that these days as we are confined to home. I'm ok, I'm used to working from home, being an artist with a fully equipped studio to work in, so I can keep working. However, this virus has stopped me creatively-wise, so in a way, it's done me a favor by forcing me to clean out parts of my house, clean and organize the messy areas ( like the damn garage, will it ever end?), so hopefully by the time we are released from stay home orders or lockdown orders, we will emerge, blinking in the sun, wondering if we recognize our friends, our colleagues, our bosses, our co-workers...........

On one hand, we have a rare chance to reorganize our lives, our homes, our professions, on the other hand, we are like, oh shit, how will we survive. If you look at human history, we humans manage to survive and move forward. I almost went into archeology, but the idea of digging in dirt for decades didn't appeal to me. I was born an artist, this is who I am. Right now, I am not creative, but I've done more to clean and organize in my house than I have in years. That is a blessing. When I'm super stressed, I clean and organize like crazy. Starting to think I should hire myself out as an organzer and cleaner after this stay home order is over. I'm not feeling the passion I had for making jewelry in almost a year so it may be wise to redirect my energy to something else for a while till I regain my passion for my craft.

Just something to reflect on. I love history, history teachs us valuable lessons that us humans don't always see or believe and yet, events repeat ever so often. This is a major wakeup call, showing we need to redirect where we are going, or we humanity are doomed and the politics that contribute to it. History needs to be respected, all you need to see is look back in time, and what is going on now, is a repeat, but on an even larger scale.


Since the stay home order was issued in late March, I've been pretty much home since March 15.  I've watched every workshop from late March, all of April and probably all of May gone.  Same for spring and summer weekly classes, all gone.  It is so weird not to be teaching.  I haven't even been to work in the gallery I work part-time since March 13.    Now, I hear the Annual Craftmen's Fair run by the League of NH Craftsmen at Mt. Sunapee Resort, NH in August may not run.  It will be a huge financial blow for all of us League members who do the show.   It's going to be a long summer.  I don't think I'll be teaching again till September.   In the meantime, I'm catching up on house work that has been put aside.  Worked on the garden, did the spring raking/weeding, still trying to clean out the garage from hell, and other projects.   I also am restoring a Victorian tiger oak sideboard I found on the street, in a snowstorm. 



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