The Annual Craftsmen's Fair and updated news.

Jul 29 2020

For the first time since the 1980's, I am not participating in the Annual Craftsmen's Fair by the League of NH Craftsmen at Mt. Sunapee Resort, Newbury, NH. The League cancelled the actual fair, usually hosted at Mt. Sunapee Resort, and set up a virtual fair, which you can visit here -

It was a huge relief not to do it or participate.   I was really tired of the intense stress that always happens, not having a nice summer to myself, always working like crazy, having to fix my booth, order replacement parts, fix up broken parts, constantly making stock.   I never really got to enjoy summertime, since I work like crazy all of July and the first half of August.   By the time the Sunapee fair rolls around, I usually have some physical issue that often requires medical intervention, even surgery before the fair opens.   I always have some major meltdown as well.   Last year was the first time I didn't have a meltdown but then setting up my booth went so smoothly, it was eerie.   This year, I get to enjoy summer and chill out.   Next year, I'll be back at Mt. Sunapee, doing the fair. 

I haven't been as productive as I usually am.  It seems silly to make a lot of stock when the stores and galleries are closed and your only options are selling online ( never really works for me) and custom orders.  I also haven't taught a single class or workshop since March 14, and It's been an incredibly long time for me to be out of the classroom.   I miss my students.  I've done a few private lessons, one on one, which is nice.  I'm supposed to start teaching my first workshop on Aug 17-18 at Metalwerx.   I hope it goes well.   In the meantime, I've taken the chance to organize, clean and work on my house and studio.  Still haven't made as much progress but getting there.   I've been gardening a lot this summer.   I've never gardened so much, never bought home so much potting soil, plants and seeds.   I did plant 7 more plants today, picked them up cheap at Lowes.    My land and garden are lush this summer.  So much flowers, plants, herbs, some veggies.  Tried to post some garden pics on this blog and not having luck uploading my garden images.  Next time. 

This Covid-19 is impacting our lives and our society.   I've haven't been at home all the time in many years.  I'm usually travelling all over NH, MA and CT for workshops/classes and a few fairs.   This time, I've been home 24/7, literally.  I did have a close encounter with the virus, had to be tested and thanksfully it was negative.   I can't let my guard down. My cars have masks hanging from the turn signal clicker handles, plus sanitizing wipes.    You can tell what year it is, when you see masks hanging in cars.   My dog loves to ride, so my mom and I have taken quite a few Sunday drives, so Bosco can have his car ride.   My mom and I have been exploring parts of NH and northern MA that we never see or visit.   Naturally, Bosco zones out and sleep as I drive and then gets up when I stop the car or part. 

In this shitfest year, there was one positive.   I got a purple PT Cruiser in late June.   I used to have a '05 blue PT Cruiser that I had for 8 years, and after 184,450 miles later, wore her out.  I called her my Beast, my Beast of Burden as she carried my booth for fairs, to many workshops.  People knew I was around when they saw my blue PT Cruiser.   Well, this purple PT Cruiser was given to my dad, who gave it to me.  It made my year.   I mean, it's a shitty, crappy year, but to have a purple PT Cruiser in my hands, I'm so way over the moon.   I love my purple baby, as I call her.   When I picked her up from my mechanic, she was indescribably filthy, her interior brown with dirt, and a thick mat of white dog hair everywhere, I mean everywhere, in every nook and cranny.  5 days, 2 vac cleaners, multiple cleaning products, a steam cleaner, lint rollers, I got her clean and in showroom perfection.   Amazing enough, the interior was completely intact, no damage to upholstery or floor rugs.  I got everything squeaky clean.   Her exterior is a bit rough, lots of dings and scratches.  Who cares.  She's purple, she's the color I always wanted.   I love my purple baby, and yes, I do pat her.  17 years old and runs great.   I am babying her and will try to keep her going for a few years.   She makes me happy. 

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