RISD madness

Dec 14 2008

Well, I did my RISD Holiday Alumni sale yesterday in Providence.  As usual, it was a madhouse, didn't quiet down till mid-afternoon.   The economy may have been bad, but people were happy to be out shopping at the RISD sale.    I am just glad to have it over with and can get back to my desk.   It was good for me, so I'm pleased.

As you may have heard from the news, there was a nasty ice storm on Thursday/Friday morning in the Northeast.   I have had no power since the ice storm and completely pissed off.  You forget how much we depend on power and to be in a cold, dark house is not fun.   At least I had plenty of candles and it's amazing how a few candles can really light up a room.   After all, our pioneers survived for thousands of years, using candles and fireplaces for warmth and lighting.   A number of us exhibitors at the RISD sale were all complaining about having no power and how it threw us off.  I was grateful I had packed my booth and stock 2 days in advance so I didn't have to do much but pack my car.  This is one of those rare times I was pretty prepared ahead of time.    I was supposed to do a craft fair in York, Maine for Friday but never made it to York.  I wasn't going to try driving in an ice storm.   Pray I get power back soon! 

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