Snow and more snow!

Dec 21 2008

I got my power back after 4 days of blackout thanks to the Ice Storm of 2008 in NH.  It was so bad, electric crews from all over US and Canada came to help restore power.  Even through it's been a week and half since the ice storm, some communities are without power.  Now, Mother Nature keeps dumping snow, and as of 5pm, I've counted 17" of snow on my lawn.   I thought I could try uploading some images but so far, it's not quite working.  I'll keep plugging away.      I've spent 2 days just shovelling, plowing, scraping ice off car, anything to keep the snow at bay.   It's beautiful, seeing all the snow, everything is white and pristine. The best time is at the end of a snowstorm or when the snow is just drifting, and it's another world.  Of all seasons, fall is my favorite but nothing beats a snowstorm and all of it's white glory.  At twilight, when the sun is down, but the sky is not quite dark, and the house lights are on, twinkling thru the dark trees, now that is the magical hour.  Add snow, and I'm content.

I haven't done any jewelry work, and am content to work on other projects since it is end of the year.  Who knows what I'll be making after New Years.  Hopefully I can get back to making garden sculptures, since I relearn how to weld, and made a series of garden critters out of nails, which are delightful, whimsical creatures.

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