Welding birds and playtime

Dec 28 2008
Been doing my end of the year fall/winter cleanup and working on projects I want to do.  I got back to my welding, and I was able to do small-scale oxygen/acetylene welding with my Little Torch.  I made a series of small hedgehog/birds, which I nickname "hedgie birds", since they are birds with spiky quills.  This bird is the 3rd one I did.  It's nice to put down my jewelry tools and just be casual, weld nails, steel, iron, whatever I get my hands on.  The next few months are going to be very experimental, since I don't have any fairs or shows to do till May, so it's playtime for me.

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Marissa wrote on January 6,2009
Joy, I love the hedgiebird. It would look so cute in our garden. He can scare away all the crows :)
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